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3 марта 2021 МЦКО по английскому языку 10 класс демоверсия задания и ответы



Диагностическая работа МЦКО 2021 по английскому языку 10 класс демоверсия задания и ответы, официальная дата проведения работы: 03.03.2021 (3 марта 2021 год).

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МЦКО по английскому языку 10 класс решать демоверсию 3 марта 2021 год:

Каждый вариант диагностической работы состоит из 31 задания: 14 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа из четырёх предложенных, 16 заданий с кратким ответом и 1 задания с развёрнутым ответом. Содержание диагностической работы охватывает учебный материал, включённый в основные (массовые) учебно-методические комплекты по английскому языку, используемые в Москве в 10-х классах общеобразовательных организаций.

1)What makes the capital look fascinating? 1) A convenient transportation system. 2) Well-known sights. 3) Mixture of old and modern places. 4) Churches and cathedrals.

2)What happened along the riverside? 1) Old warehouses were demolished. 2) Buildings were redeveloped. 3) A new bridge was built. 4) New warehouses were built.

3)Moscow City is mostly famous for its … . 1) skyscrapers 2) observation decks 3) offices 4) sights

4)According to the author, tourists can explore Moscow … . 1) by metro only 2) only with audio guides 3) on special buses 4) with foreigners

5)“To be as good as” in paragraph 6 refers to … . 1) affordable price 2) international cuisine 3) European capitals 4) the quality of Moscow’s restaurants

6)What does the author think about GUM and TSUM? 1) They are expensive. 2) They provide for a variety of tastes. 3) They are both reasonably priced. 4) They don’t have enough customers.

7)If you come to Moscow for a visit, … . 1) you will get a tough experience 2) it will take time to feel its atmosphere 3) you won’t need anything special to enjoy it 4) you will have to try hard to feel it

Destruction of rainforests in South America is one of the major ecological problems. Rainforests clean our air by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. What is more, they are home to half of the world’s species. Unfortunately, these areas are cut down for paper or to clear land for farming and cattle breeding. As a result, rare animals and birds lose their homes and die. Moreover, cutting down trees leads to climate change, air pollution, drought and other problems.

Crocodiles are dangerous creatures living in rivers and swamps. Unfortunately, they are under threat because of their valuable skin. Illegal hunters risk their lives by catching and killing these powerful animals. Hunting is not the only problem. Because of the development of new towns and industries, crocodiles lose their homes. Thus, crocodiles have been officially named endangered species. In some countries crocodiles are protected by law and are bred for their skin only on special crocodile farms and in factories.

The exact effect of genetic engineering on human health is not known. Many of the genes used by genetic engineers are not part of our diet, so we do not know how dangerous they may be. Genetically modified food often results in allergies and obesity. But some people believe that genetic engineering can be a solution to the problem of famine. Genetically modified plants grow faster, cows produce more milk and all of this can help starving people and save their lives.

Ecotourism is a relatively new thread of tourist business. It appeared a few decades ago and has already gained popularity. Ecotourism means travelling to natural areas (national parks and reserves or conservation areas) to learn about the environment and nature without doing harm to or disturbing habitats of animals. It is also aimed at improving the well-being of the local people. Today, ecotourism is growing in popularity in many countries including Russia. Such trips allow travellers to enjoy Russia’s natural beauty and save the environment.

Have you noticed that it’s more difficult to breathe in large cities than in the countryside? There is a reason for that. Air pollution is a vital issue for mankind. Cars and factories in and around our cities dump dangerous fumes and pollute the air. In the past few years, more people have developed allergies and breathing problems in megalopolises. A lot of companies fight air pollution by developing transport that uses electricity and not petrol. In Moscow, for example, electric buses are used.

Would you like to travel to space and spend some time in orbit? Space tourism became known at the beginning of the 21st century. This is a new and exotic way of travelling for those who are absolutely healthy and wealthy. Dennis Tito, an American engineer and businessman, is the first man who travelled to space in 2001. He spent nearly eight days as a crew member at the International Space Station. They say Tito paid 20 million dollars for this trip.

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Работы МЦКО демоверсии задания и ответы

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