11.12.2017 Ответы и задания по английскому языку 11 класс СтатГрад вариант АЯ10101


Диагностическая работа статград ЕГЭ по английскому языку 11 класс ответы и задания для варианта АЯ10101, официальная дата проведения: 11.12.2017 (11 декабря 2017 год).

Работа по английскому языку состоит из четырёх разделов (аудирование, чтение, грамматика и лексика, письмо), включающих в себя 40 заданий. На выполнение работы отводится 3 часа (180 минут).

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Сложные задания с вариантов:

3)Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a benefit of skateboarding?

  • 1) Patience.
  • 2) Strength.
  • 3) Balance.

Ответ: 1

4)Mr. Flint believes that people don’t see skateboarding as a serious sport because …

  • 1) many hooligans enjoy doing it.
  • 2) it is not part of the Olympics.
  • 3) it is not allowed in public places.

Ответ: 1

5)Mr. Flint says that in skateboarding, tricks …

  • 1) are an important part of lessons.
  • 2) can be taught right from the start.
  • 3) help reduce aggression in students.

Ответ: 3

6)By saying that ‘skateboarding teaches you responsibility’ Mr. Flint means that skateboarders …

  • 1) use protection.
  • 2) don’t miss practice.
  • 3) help each other.

Ответ: 1

7)Which group of children does Mr. Flint NOT mention among those who could benefit from skateboarding?

  • 1) Hyperactive students.
  • 2) Handicapped students.
  • 3) Unfocused students

Ответ: 2

8)Which of the following, according to Mr. Flint, can be a characteristic of skateboarding?

  • 1) It can be a contact sport.
  • 2) It can be a team sport.
  • 3) It can be a winter sport.

Ответ: 2

9)Which of the interviewer’s negative observations about teaching skateboarding in schools does Mr. Flint agree with?

  • 1) Skateboarding can result in bad injuries.
  • 2) Skateboarding encourages bad behaviour.
  • 3) Skateboarding is too expensive for schools.

Ответ: 3

12)Drivers of Hackney carriages insulted people who were using umbrellas because

  • 1) they wanted to sell umbrellas themselves.
  • 2) they were trying to save their business.
  • 3) the owners of umbrellas were French.
  • 4) they didn’t like what umbrellas looked like.


13)The funny and clever features of the first umbrellas did NOT include the following:

  • 1) making special noises
  • 2) having transparent parts
  • 3) being totally waterproof
  • 4) having a container for a drink

Ответ: 3

14)Before 1800 the word ‘umbrella’ meant

  • 1) the same as the word ‘parasol’.
  • 2) nothing: it simply did not exist.
  • 3) ‘a device protecting you from the rain’.
  • 4) any kind of shade of any shape.

Ответ: 1

15)What did Samuel Fox do?

  • 1) He replaced heavy whalebone with light metal.
  • 2) He became rich having discovered light metals.
  • 3) He wrote specifications for a quality umbrella.
  • 4) He participated in the revolutionary movement.

Ответ: 1

16)The French were laughing at the British during the Battle of Waterloo because

  • 1) the French were winning.
  • 2) the British looked funny.
  • 3) the British copied the French.
  • 4) it was General Lejeune’s tactics.

Ответ: 2

17)Which statement is NOT true about Major Digby Tatham-Warter?

  • 1) He had a British sense of humour.
  • 2) He was a typical British eccentric.
  • 3) He used an umbrella as a weapon.
  • 4) He didn’t find war serious or scary.

Ответ: 4

18)According to the author of the article, Victorian parasols are

  • 1) now cheap to buy.
  • 2) collectors’ favourites.
  • 3) not reliable enough.
  • 4) not sold at auctions.

Ответ: 1

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