ЕГЭ 2021 английский язык Музланова Е.С

ЕГЭ 2021 английский язык Музланова Е.С 10 тренировочных вариантов с ответами



Сборник ЕГЭ 2021 по английскому языку 11 класс от автора Музланова Е.С, 10 тренировочных вариантов с ответами в форме экзамена ЕГЭ 2021 с аудиоприложением.

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ЕГЭ 2021 английский язык Музланова Е.С 10 тренировочных вариантов онлайн:

Цель пособия — помочь учащимся 10—11 классов и абитуриентам в кратчайшие сроки подготовиться к итоговой аттестации по английскому языку в форме единого государственного экзамена.

В сборнике представлены варианты экзаменационных работ, которые можно использовать в качестве практического материала для подготовки к экзамену. Каждый вариант снабжён ключами и текстами для аудирования и фонограммами этих текстов.

Некоторые задания со сборника:

1)Andrea shivered because

  • 1) the sun was falling behind the hills.
  • 3) it was snowing outside.
  • 2) it was chilly inside the car.
  • 4) the weather was wintry.

2)Andrea decided to give the old woman a lift because

  • 1) she normally picked up hitchhikers.
  • 2) she didn’t think it was dangerous.
  • 3) had never seen an old lady hitchhiking before.
  • 4) she was alone.

3)The old lady seemed strange to Andrea since

  • 1) she wore old shabby clothes.
  • 3) she didn’t take off her yellow hat.
  • 2) her behaviour was unnatural.
  • 4) she had a big shopping bag.

4)Andrea suddenly stopped her car because

  • 1) she thought she had hit a child.
  • 2) the car skidded as there was ice on the road.
  • 3) she wanted to make the passenger get out of the car.
  • 4) she intended to frighten her passenger.

5)Andrea opened the bag because

  • 1) she was going to find the address of ‘the old lady’.
  • 2) she would like to use her things.
  • 3) she intended to throw her things away.
  • 4) she wanted to find out who the passenger was.

6)Andrea felt terrified because the hitchhiker turned out to be

  • 1) a thief.
  • 2) a smuggler.
  • 3) a murderer.
  • 4) a woodcutter.

7)According to the story, Andrea was

  • 1) resourceful.
  • 2) suspicious.
  • 3) cold)hearted.
  • 4) persistent.

8)At the moment Daniel feels both upset and excited because

9)When the 7th book came out, it was difficult for Daniel 

10)If J.K. Rowling hadn’t written the epilogue,

11)What makes the end of the film so powerful is

12)The scene in the forest was very difficult to Daniel because he

13)Daniel thinks the sets are amazing because of their

14)The narrator’s stove

  • 1) was bought in the second)hand shop.
  • 3) was rather expensive.
  • 2) was bought twelve years ago.
  • 4) cost less than its usual price.

15)According to the narrator,

  • 1) the working hours of the store are always the same.
  • 2) there are things that people do regularly.
  • 3) there is always a sale in the shop before Christmas.
  • 4) he hates the routine.

16)While shopping

  • 1) husbands show real interest in what their wives are buying.
  • 2) ladies examine carefully all the goods.
  • 3) children are easy to control because they are tired.
  • 4) shop assistants don’t want to help customers.

17)Mr Radcliffe

  • 1) is a tall slim man.
  • 3) wants to show his importance.
  • 2) always wears a sweater.
  • 4) speaks quietly.

18)The narrator usually

  • 1) chooses the staff canteen to have lunch.
  • 3) doesn’t have lunch at all.
  • 2) has lunch with the management.
  • 4) prefers to read during his lunchtime.

19)The narrator has a reputation of

  • 1) an unfriendly person not wishing to talk to people.
  • 2) a friendly and sociable person.
  • 3) a person who enjoys gossiping.
  • 4) a person who tests people.

20)The narrator lives in his office because

  • 1) it is very comfortable.
  • 3) he doesn’t like his flat.
  • 2) he doesn’t bother to go home.
  • 4) he has very few real possessions.

21)A future breakthrough in nuclear technology refers to 1) the possibility of recycling the spent nuclear fuel. 2) the new ways of spent nuclear)waste storage. 3) the borehole technology.

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