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Английский язык региональный этап 2021 ВОШ задания и ответы 9-11 класс олимпиады



Задания и ответы регионального этапа 2021 ВОШ по английскому языку для 9, 10, 11 класса всероссийской олимпиады школьников, официальная дата проведения: 16.02.2021-17.02.2021 (16-17 февраля 2021 года)

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Олимпиада по английскому языку 9-11 класс Writing региональный этап 2021:

Use of English:

Listening and Reading:

1)Your school museum contains a large amount of information and objects, but you realize that it is not used effectively by the students. You and your classmates have volunteered to analyze the situation. Write your report to the school authorities explaining why the museum resources are not used fully and giving recommendations about how to increase public access to the museum and involve students in using the museum resources for their education.

2)Miranda has been into cooking since childhood

3)Miranda used to be a chef in London.

4)To get the scholarship Miranda had to submit food photos she had taken.

5)Miranda got a phone call half a year later after the submission.

6)All the participants of the semifinal were chefs.

7)Miranda’s boss always wants everything to be right.

8)Miranda thinks her boss is a great mentor because he never gets upset.

9)A dish in the restaurant Miranda works at may cost more than £30.

10)Marcus thinks a carrot is as valuable as oysters.

11)Miranda wants a carrot to taste like a beetroot.

12)Selina’s seat was A. next to the emergency exit. B. near the kitchen. C. in the middle.

13)The guy sitting next to Selina A. didn’t inspire much confidence. B. had a snake. C. didn’t have hand luggage.

14)The flight to Nigeria was NOT A. three times overbooked. B. internal. C. in 1995.

15)The problem was solved with the help of A. the police. B. the cabin crew. C. the army.

16)Selina had her seat because she was A. fast. B. serious. C. arguing.

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